This is our economy trip to Venice in October 2011. We thought that the air was going to be £7 each way per person but the price changed just before we booked it to £7 out and £6 back per person! Go figure. The photographs are just the normal tourist fare, (though, of course, we were not tourists. The other few thousand people on the Rialto bridge at lunchtime were tourists), but taking a bad photograph in Venice takes work. If you sent your camera on holiday without you, it would probably get at least a couple of attractive shots. Anyway despite the time of year the weather was very good, not quite sunbathing weather, in fact fairly chilly especially in the mornings, but lovely and sunny as you can see. We mostly just walked around and took the Vaporetti along the canals and across the lagoon. When you’re in a city like Venice, (OK, there are no other cities like Venice), for the first time just for three days, you don’t really have to plan anything.

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